Birthdate: 04/09/76

Place of Birth: Ayr Scotland

Height: 5' 11"

Weight 52kg

Martial Status: Married to Donavon Leitch

On Modelling: 'I have such a good time doing it, but I think modelling will dwindle out, and art will dwindle in'

On Art: 'I love painting people, printing and I'd like to take metal work classes'

On Y2K 'I'll take a little cash out of the bank just in case weird things go down. I'll have a bunch of food- We'll probably even freeze some. We have a well at our house in the country , so I think we'll be okay there, but I'll still make sure we have lots of bottled water'.


On Money ' My primary objective is to make money so that after I quit modelling , I can live a tranquil life'

The transition to modelling ' It's hard to suddenly adapt from being a little girl in Scotland with no responsibility to living in a big city and earning money and travelling all over the place and having phone bills to pay and an apartment to clean and all the rest of it. When I left Scotland, I didn't even have a credit card'.